Bulldog or Pussycat?


1. Listener – Make sure your agent is a listener. It might seem silly but you need to choose someone that understands your goals and objectives and is listening to you when you communicate your thoughts.

2. Communication – Plain and simple…you need an agent that is going to communicate with you. You and your agent should discuss at the outset how and when you will communicate i.e. phone calls, emails, texts, daily, weekly, after every showing or only when there is interest. Once the rules have been agreed upon, each party knows what is expected of them.

3. Ethics – Hire an ethical agent. This is not the time to take chances. If someone is unethical in other areas of their life, chances are they are not ethical at work.

4. Experience & Market Savvy – Does your agent go on tour or preview new homes on the market? Does your agent know neighborhood values, comps, and market statistics? Would your agent accept an oral offer on your home? Does your agent sell more than 1-2 homes a year? Hire for experience and market knowledge!

5. Collegial – Is your agent a bulldog, a pussycat or an eager beaver? Does he or she play well in the sandbox? You need to know who you are hiring. Look for a dealmaker, a networker, someone who is cooperative and respected by their peers. It’s so critical to have an agent that can work well with other agents. More likely than not, another agent will sell your listing or call you if they have listed the perfect house for your buyer.

6. Diplomacy – This is easy. You don’t need a world leader but you do need someone that will represent your best interests in a real estate transaction. You need an agent that knows discretion, someone who won’t make decisions for you but represents you well and someone who suppresses drama. You really don’t need to know every little last thing that happens with the other party to a transaction. As long as the contract is being followed, it’s better to stay out of the drama

blog post by Betsy Schuman Dodek

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