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Kelly Stafford LinkedInTruliaZillow

Listing Broker / Owner
Licensed in Oregon and Washington
After a successful career as Vice President of Operations for a prominent NW Commercial Real Estate Development firm, Kelly entered into the residential real estate market in 2007. Building on her immediate success, Kelly opened Home Sweet Home Realty in 2011 with offices in Portland as well as Vancouver. Kelly’s goal from the very beginning has been to provide the best service to our clients at the fairest price. Home Sweet Home’s Managing Broker is in the Top 2% of all Portland-Metro / SW Washington real estate Brokers, year after year.

Bernadette Ward LinkedIn

Licensed in Oregon and Washington
Bernadette has been selling for the past 30 years and the things she has sold have gotten increasingly large. She’s gone from selling newspapers to meat to appliances and now Real Estate. As someone with a lifelong interest in Real Estate, Bernadette decided to channel her experience and success into helping both sellers and buyers. A seasoned investor herself, Bernadette has much knowledge about homes and shares that experience with her clients. Bernadette brings a number of important attributes to this career including a strong commitment to the people she works on behalf of, a friendly and practical approach, a keen eye for the details, a tireless work ethic- Bernadette doesn’t rest until her clients are satisfied. Bernadette would love to assist you in your efforts to prepare your property to sell or in your quest to find the perfect home to buy.

Luda Mayzus LinkedInTruliaZillow

Licensed in Oregon
“The favorite part of my job are negotiations. I love turning difficult situations into successful transactions and achieving the best possible outcome for my clients in the most professional way. I advocate for my clients and my every day mantra is that my every action is a reflection of my client’s goals, decisions, and ethics.” Luda moved to Portland in 2003 and prior to attaining her dream job within the Real Estate industry, enjoyed a great career in Marketing. She now successfully leverages that experience and knowledge in finance and marketing in her chosen profession. When not working, Luda enjoys trying to keep up with her two children, speaks Russian, lifts heavy weights and improves on her gymnastics moves. When it comes to taking things slow and relaxing, there is nothing better than just digging away in her garden!

Paris Otremba LinkedInZillow

Licensed in Oregon
In operations is where I thrive. In the guts of the of the story. Stepping back, looking at the big picture, planning, and working the plan. Being a support for all areas of the process is where I shine. I have over 22 years of experience working in customer service, operations, and supply chain environments. What motivates me professionally isn’t to achieve perfection, but rather provide the best possible service to my clients with a promise to do my best. A promise to provide consistency, flexibility, and transparency through genuine relationship. I lead with trust, and like to finish with friendship. The story doesn’t always go the way we intended, I find joy in helping create a story that’s efficient and executed gracefully.