Get your House ready for Spring with These Home Improvement Tips!

Whether or not you intend to sell your house this year, Winter can be very hard on the exterior of your home.  The rain that keeps our beloved Pacific Northwest so lush and green can cause some major damage.  These helpful tips will help you get your home ready for Spring.

Check your Gutters and Roof

This is a great time to make sure your gutters and downspouts are free of leaves and debris!  Gutters tend to clog at the elbow, luckily this piece is easy to remove. Once the gutters are clear, check that they are securely attached and that water is draining away from your foundation.  Improper gutter drainage is a leading cause of moisture in your basement.  Taking the time to make sure they are clear of debris can save you from costly foundation repairs further down the road.

While you’re up there, take a cursory look at your roof.  Address any issues (missing shingles, moss, etc) that will reduce its effectiveness.

Concrete Cracks

Check for cracks in the foundation, concrete patios and walkways.  Cracked concrete allows moisture to undermine the structural integrity of your home over time.  Inspect for cracks and fix them before Spring rains make them a larger issue.  Concrete crack filler or silicone caulk are inexpensive ways to quickly repair small cracks.  If your basement walls have multiple cracks, consider painting the foundation with a specialized sealant.  This will prevent water from seeping in and creating a potentially dangerous mold problem.

Here is a great website filled with information regarding mold prevention!


Just like cracks in concrete, gaps in the windows can let in water and pests.  Spring is the ideal time to scrape old caulk out and re-do it.  Also, check for any rot in the trim and window sills.  Repair as needed.  Clean your windows and open them up.  Get some fresh air in your home!

Move Firewood

Many people keep their firewood stacked neatly against their house, tucked under the eaves to keep it dry and easily accessible.  Its time to get the wood away from your house.  Not only is it possible to damage your siding, but the damp dark stack of firewood is a breeding ground for insects and pests.  Ideally, firewood should be stored off the ground and two feet from the exterior of your house.

Spruce it up

For an instant face lift and improved curb appeal, rent a pressure washer.  Debris, mold, mildew and moss have a tendency to accumulate over the winter.  Leaving your deck, walkways, driveway and house looking dirty.   Pick a nice day to clean all these surfaces.  You will be instantly pleased by the improvement!

Spring is also the ideal time to freshen up your exterior.  Consider repainting your front door and trim for a high impact/low cost change.  Plant some new flowers, shrubbery or herbs to perk up your yard!  Use compacted soil to fill in any low or sunken spots that have developed over the winter.

Have you been dreaming all winter of starting your own organic garden?  Now is a great time to start!  Check out this helpful article.